‘This Old House’ is coming to the North Shore, but there’s a twist

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The PBS show is straying a bit from historic home renovation and building one from the ground up.
The PBS show is straying a bit from historic home renovation and building one from the ground up. Courtesy of This Old House

“This Old House’’ is headed to the North Shore for the second half of its 36th season – and departing from its usual pattern. Instead of restoring a historic home to its former glory, the crew will help build a brand new house in the style of an 18th century farmhouse.

In case you haven’t been watching this season thus far, the show has been featuring an 1895 home in Belmont that, over the years, lost its historic details.

But in the second part of the season, starting March 31, the show will feature a new construction in Essex. There will be a 10-episode story arc.

The PBS-broadcasted show usually renovates a historic home in order to “demystify home improvement and provide ideas and information, so that whether you are doing it yourself or hiring out contractors, you’ll know the right way to do things and the right questions to ask.’’

But the Essex project is quite different.

“Our audience will be drawn in by this unique twist,’’ Senior Producer John Tomlin said in a statement. “Featuring a new home is a departure for us at This Old House, but it’s a story that we are very excited to tell. It’s a great opportunity for our viewers to see an historic-style home built from the ground up, using some of today’s most innovative building and engineering techniques.’’

The new home’s owners, Bill, April, and their baby, are moving from the city into their modern 3,000-square-foot home with details from the 1700s.

According to the home’s preview:

“This fascinating approach to residential design and construction captures the essence of historical architecture and detail in a new home with today’s practical layouts and modern amenities.’’

Another unique aspect of this story will be that parts of the home were pre-built in a factory and then assembled on the job site, creating an energy efficient home much faster than usual.

Here is a sneak peek into what is going to happen on this season of “This Old House’’: