Fall House Hunt: Touring homes? Take this checklist with you.

Ask the Expert Buying Fall House Hunt
This June 20, 2019, file photo shows an existing home is offered for sale in Rutledge, Ga. Weaker home sales trends are expected to contribute to a sharp slowing in the home remodeling market.
Some buyers are forgoing home inspections to beat out the competition. AP photo/John Bazemore, File

Greater Boston’s housing market is so competitive that almost everything is on the table when it comes to scoring a winning bid, even waiving inspection contingencies.

Many realtors don’t endorse this, as inspections are an important step in the home-buying process and can protect prospective buyers from major expenses. But there are key things to look for when deciding whether a property is your future dream home.

Home inspectors Harold Popp, with Mt. Vernon Inspection Associates, and Laurie Delmolino, with Compass Home Inspections, gave the Globe a run-down of vital areas to check during a home tour. This checklist is a baseline for making sure a home is up-to-date on the essentials.

Both Popp and Delmolino recommended asking the listing agent as many questions as possible and stressed that a full inspection is still the best way to know whether a home is in optimal condition.

“I do not recommend purchasing a house without a home inspection,’’ Popp added. “This [list] is really just a Band-Aid until your buyer can arrange to have the house professionally inspected.’’

. —Ally Reza/Globe staff; Adobe Stock

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