An outhouse and no Wi-Fi: Would you brave this Maine island?

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The 1.1-acre island is bare except for a two-room cottage and one outbuilding. Bold Coast Properties

Duck Ledges Island, private land off the coast of Maine, is on the market — and generating a lot of buzz online — but it isn’t for the faint of heart. 

The 1.1-acre island is bare except for a two-room cottage and one outbuilding. Inside the house, you’ll find enough room for two, including a kitchen, dining area, cozy living space, and two single beds. If at any point you need a bathroom, you’ll have to make use of the outhouse located a few steps away from the cottage.


Listed: A private island off the coast of Maine for $339,000


What it lacks in modern amenities like Wi-Fi and central plumbing, it makes up for in natural beauty. Billy Milliken of Bold Coast Properties, the owner of the property and the agent on the listing, told that the island is best suited for people who would describe themselves as avid kayakers or nature enthusiasts.

“It makes you feel small when you’re on the island,” Milliken said. “The seals, the seabirds, the eagles, and the noises they make at night. And what’s interesting about an island with no trees, you really get that sense of how small you really are.”

The island, which is a 10-minute boat ride from Jonesport Marina, is listed for $339,000. 

Is Duck Ledges Island a peaceful oasis from day-to-day life or something closer to plumbing-free torture in modern times? You be the judge. 

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