The Commonwealth Pier project is moving forward. Here’s what to expect.

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A rendering of what Commonwealth Pier is planned to look like post revitalization.
A rendering of what Commonwealth Pier is planned to look like post revitalization. Courtesy of Pembroke

The city has given the green light to a project that endeavors to revitalize the Seaport World Trade Center on Commonwealth Pier, including adding indoor and outdoor public spaces.

Pembroke, the real estate arm of Fidelity Investments, hopes to complete the project by 2024. Plans call for demolishing Commonwealth Hall to make way for “more accessible and relevant public waterfront amenities.” Eliminating the building means the addition of nearly 170,500 square feet of outdoor space for the public, according to a news release.

The project, with construction planned to begin next year, also includes making public access to the waterfront easier, adding retail space, and putting in a new “public terrace” in the upstairs of the Headhouse, which will provide new views of the city and space for outdoor dining.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to reintroduce the Pier as a new destination in what has become a thriving neighborhood,” Andrew Dankwerth, senior vice president, design & development at Pembroke, said in a news release. “Our project will bring new life to this iconic building, inviting more people onto the pier, coupled with public realm programming, to create a waterfront experience unlike anything else in Boston.”

Details of the project include: 

  • A new outdoor 25,000-square-foot harbor plaza that can be used for events;
  • A total of 45,000 square feet of new retail space that will go into the street level of the Headhouse along Seaport Boulevard. The loading docks there will be eliminated, and pedestrians will enjoy wider sidewalks;
  • A new ballroom within the Seaport Hotel, plus new outdoor and indoor spaces;
  • Updates to the Harborwalk that will include “five programmed niche spaces,” plus new lights and seating areas;
  • New dock space that could function as a stop for a water shuttle on the pier.

Fidelity Investments plans to occupy new work space there. The company has a long-term land lease with the Massachusetts Port Authority, which owns the land beneath the pier. The project is expected to create 1,000 to 1,500 construction jobs.

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