Trustees of Reservations offers a glimpse of its first urban waterfront park, on Boston Harbor

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The Trustees of Reservations is seeking the public's input about how to remake an old pier into a park. Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

The rotting, nearly four-acre pier near Logan Airport in East Boston is a blank canvas of sorts, just waiting to be turned into a piece of art as Boston’s newest waterfront park. Now, the Trustees of Reservations is soliciting community input to decide what this artwork should look like, the Globe’s Jon Chesto reports.

The project, dubbed Piers Park 3, could cost $30 million to $40 million. The group has quietly been raising money among its influential donor base, with about $20 million committed so far, according to Jocelyn Forbush, executive vice president at the nonprofit. The goal is nothing less ambitious than designing a “jaw-dropping park” with amazing views of the city skyline, working with the famed landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Forbush said.

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