Looking For a Place in Cambridge This Summer? Don’t Try This Micro-Apartment


Micro-apartments are all the rage nowadays, typically because they tie together the benefits of living in a city without incurring the cost of paying “city rent.’’ That does not seem to be the case in Cambridge, however, where one tenant is looking to sublet his 200-square-foot apartment for $1,200 a month.

A Reddit user going by the name Whachamacalzmit posted a video tour of the apartment on r/Boston early Monday morning, and according to the Craiglist ad accompanying the video, the tiny space is indeed expensive. If you’re quick at math, the price works out to $6 per square foot, a rate higher than literally any neighborhood in Cambridge or Boston, according to Jumpshell, which uses data provided by RentMetrics.

Even if the location is stunning, at that hefty price, it’s probably not worth having your kitchen in your bedroom. Or is it your bedroom in your kitchen? Either way, you’ll probably want to pass.