Colleges in Boston Must Provide City with Students’ Off-Campus Addresses Under New Law


An amendment to Boston’s University Accountability Ordinance will require colleges and universities in the city to provide a record of students’ off-campus addresses as part of an effort to prevent overcrowding and promote student safety, The Boston Globe reports.

According to the report, the city hopes the records will allow them to crack down on the illegal and out-of-code housing being rented to students across Boston.

The Boston City Council on Wednesday voted to require colleges with a presence in Boston to provide a list of off-campus addresses where students are residing, in a step intended to fight chronic overcrowding and protect the health and safety of the thousands of students living in the city.

The measure was approved three months after a Boston Globe Spotlight Team investigation, “Shadow Campus,’’ revealed that illegal, overcrowded apartments with hazardous conditions riddle the city’s university neighborhoods, including a large number in violation of a zoning rule that prohibits more than four full-time undergraduates from sharing a house or apartment.

You can read the full Boston Globe report here.