High-Tech Home Kills Bacteria, Gives You Restful Sleep

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A NeWell home has a “Sleep Sanctuary’’ which features blackout curtains and a digital thermometer
A NeWell home has a “Sleep Sanctuary’’ which features blackout curtains and a digital thermometer M+ Charles Beach Interiors

If you’re still worried about Ebola — don’t — and consider moving into one of these new apartments in Charlestown.

Mixing real estate and health, the NeWell apartments offer a living space that’s supposed to automatically rid your home of toxic bacteria and give you a good night’s sleep.

“The idea actually came to me while I was sleeping, or trying to sleep,’’ said Vincent Vomero, 26, one of NeWell’s founders. A former biology major at Boston University, Vomero then set out to discover the science behind a good night’s rest. After a series of studies, he designed what he calls the “Sleep Sanctuary,’’ which includes soundproof walls, blackout shades, and a digital thermometer to customize the room’s temperature.

NeWell posits: your home is killing you, and the Boston-based company is trying to change that. In the bathroom, there is an antimicrobial toilet seat and a UV-cleaning toothbrush holder. The whole home has an air filtration system that captures 96 percent of dust, smoke, pet dander, and mold, as well as adaptive circadian lighting that emulate the sunrise and sunset.

The 10 apartment units, which will be two- and four-bedroom units, are spread out across four buildings and will begin leasing next month. Vomero and his partners, Alex Hodara and Jeffrey Zucker, are planning for people to begin moving in January 2015. Pricing will be between $1,100 and $1,200 per bedroom. The units will include all the health technology, but will not come furnished.

“People aren’t necessarily informed or educated yet on the different hazards in their house,’’ Vomero said. “Once they are aware, they’ll be looking for these amenities when they’re renting.’’

Vomero added that NeWell is targeting young professionals leading “work hard, play hard’’ lifestyles — like himself. “With Newell comes improved mood, better focus, higher quality of life. The importance of sleep can’t be understated,’’ he said.