Thrown a few curve balls, former Major Leaguer and Paw Sox hurler now pitches real estate

Chris Resop pitching for the Atlanta Braves.
Chris Resop when he was on the mound for the Atlanta Braves. Courtesy of Chris Resop

In 2010, the Atlanta Braves traded right-hander Chris Resop to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

“I was told at 2 in the afternoon, and I was on a flight the next morning,” Resop said.

But it’s not as simple as that. Resop has a wife, kids, and pets. You can’t pick up your whole life and move it in less than 24 hours. They wound up living in a hotel for two months.

This was only one of at least 30 moves Resop made during his 14-year playing career:  Florida, Southern California, Atlanta, Japan, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Northern California, among them. His last baseball stop was in New England, where he played for the Pawtucket Red Sox for a couple of months.

Whether he was being traded, moving for spring training, or finding a place to crash during the offseason, Resop learned the challenges athletes face when they relocate.

What is the hardest part?

“Finding [a realtor] who has your best interest in mind,” Resop said, “because you’ll never see the house. I never saw a house until I got there.”

This prompted Resop’s career change when he hung up his cleats in 2014residential real estate.

In December, he found a Boston-area lease for newly traded Red Sox left-hander Chris Sale and a luxury home in Florida. Raveis Real Estate has also found estates for retired first baseman and ESPN analyst Mark Teixeira and Eli Manning, quarterback of the New York Giants. “Chris Resop and his agent network were absolute professionals and found my family exactly what we were looking for,” Sale said. “His team was highly knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with.”

Resop is now vice president and managing director of the new Sports + Entertainment Division at William Raveis Real Estate, where he runs a one-stop shop for celebrity and athlete moves. He is based in Naples, Fla. 

“The biggest challenge is you don’t have time,” Resop said, as trades usually happen very quickly. Resop assembles a team for his client to accomplish everything needed to make the transition, from help buying, leasing, or selling homes; moving furniture and vehicles; unpacking; getting insurance and a mortgage; and more. “Some guys rent for spring training,” Resop added. “Others will buy in Florida or Arizona. That’s where they might make their offseason home.”

Chris Resop pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates. —Courtesy of Chris Resop

He said another big component of his job is confidentiality and keeping the players’ trust, because so much of celebrities’ personal lives wind up on the Internet. 

“Their lives are an open book,” Resop said. “You can find everything out about players, and its like, gosh, you’re in the spotlight 24 hours a day.”

But for Resop, home should be a place where you can have peace and quiet, so he prides himself and his team on doing everything possible to make sure there are no leaks as to where a player is living.

“As soon as people know where you live, there goes the last bit of privacy you have,” he said.

Resop has everyone involved in the process sign nondisclosure agreements. “It’s not just standards,” Resop said. “It’s like a behavioral agreement too. [You] don’t ask for autographs or tickets. [I] don’t want someone to be starstruck and all of the sudden it’s all over the Internet.”

The last part of Resop’s new endeavor is charity. At the end of every transaction he does with an athlete, William Raveis makes a donation to the player’s charity of choice.

“This is going to be a great opportunity to give back and … help former teammates and guys coming up,” Resop said. “[I also want to] take off some of the stress of finding places to live that most guys incur every year.”

That’s his new pitch — real estate advice from someone who’s been there.

Due to incorrect information provided to, a previous version of this story said Chris Resop found properties for Mark Teixeira and Eli Manning. Raveis Real Estate did close those deals, however, Resop did not play a role in them.