Can you guess the city Bostonians want to live in the most?

Old Port in Portland, Maine.
Old Port in Portland, Maine. Wikimedia Commons / Yassie

As the price of homes increase in certain metro areas — like San Francisco and New York — people may begin to look elsewhere for a more affordable lifestyle.

In a recent study of one million Redfin users over the first three months of 2017, the real estate site found that across 75 metro areas, 19.8 percent users searched for new homes outside of their metro. Redfin noted that users needed to view 10 listings in a given metro during the three months for them to be considered searching in that area.

But based on search data, it seems most Bostonians are looking to stay: Only 8.4 percent of Bostonian Redfin users searched for homes elsewhere.

This percentage was quite low compared to other large metro areas in the United States. Other large metro areas saw much higher percentages, such as New York with 23.3 percent, San Francisco with 19.4 percent, and Los Angeles with 12.1 percent.

Redfin found that these search results correlated with actual home purchases.

When Bostonians did search for homes outside of the metro, the most frequently searched homes in Portland, Maine. Following close behind was Miami, Florida, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and the Bay Area.