Jackie Gleason’s UFO-shaped mansion hits the market for $12 million

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“To the moon, Alice! To the moon!”

Well to Cortlandt Manor, N.Y., at least.

That’s where the late Jackie Gleason, star of the 1950s hit sitcoms “The Honeymooners” and “The Jackie Gleason Show,” built a spaceship-like mansion that reflected his belief in UFOs and the paranormal, according to

According to the website:

His interest was “so strong that in addition to his salary and royalties while under contract to CBS in the mid 1950s, the studio gave him six acres of land (now expanded to eight acres) and a house, which he was free to design and build to his own specifications. He built a series of spaceship houses — a main one, which he called the ‘Mother Ship,’ a guest house named the ‘Scout Ship,’ a round storage building, and two swimming pools, all of which were completed in 1959. It was part studio, part home, and part party house. It was also where he housed his ever growing library on UFOs, parapsychology, and the paranormal.”

Gleason’s home is 50 feet in diameter and was constructed by a shipbuilder in an airplane hangar, disassembled, and then moved to the site. Created out of massive wood beams, everything is round with no right angles, including the cabinets, 8-foot master bed, and other furniture. Filled with light from glass walls and a stunning curved marble stairway to the upper level, there are a number of stained-glass panes in the interior.

With large open spaces, four bars, and a dramatic beamed ceiling that looks like a circle of rowboats, it was a perfect venue for Gleason’s many guests, Richard Nixon included.

Between the main and guest house, there are five bedrooms, six baths, a library, card room, an office, and 7,450 square feet of living space. The asking price is $12 million.

How sweet it is.

View additional photos of the property:

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