55 Fenways, 6 Teslas, 3 Shakiras, and more fun Boston dog names

A busy dog park along Columbia Road
A busy dog park along Columbia Road. David L Ryan/Globe Staff

If you thought you were being creative when you named your dog Bella, you may want to take a seat. With 323 pooches sharing the name or a variation of it (Bellatrix is probably a good girl, unlike her namesake) it’s the most common in Boston. Don’t feel discouraged though; even six canines share the name Tesla. We took a look at the pups licensed in Boston since 2012, and netted names that are especially quirky, derived from famous namesakes, or pay homage to the city. (Note: These numbers are approximate because the city’s database appears to list a relatively small number of dogs more than once.)

10 especially Boston names

Boston (11)
Big Papi (1)
Brady (94)
Bruin (26)
Copley (15)
Dunkin (13)
Fenway (55)
Gronk or Gronkowski (7)
Harvard (3)
Sam Adams (1)

10 famous namesakes

Charles Barkley
Johnny Cash
King Louis XIV
Lady Gaga
Mary Todd Lincoln
Penelope Cruz
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Stevie Nicks

10 offbeat names

Bahama Mama
Cheese Sandwich
Ciao Adios
Crazy Legs
Misty Waffles
Pinot Grigio
Reign of Terror
Mr. Pickles

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