The state Legislature has backed Governor Baker’s housing initatives. Here’s what that means

. John Tlumacki/Globe staff

As part of the state’s $630 million stimulus bill, “the Legislature handed Baker one of his biggest priorities. Dubbed Housing Choice, it will reduce the voting threshold, from a two-thirds majority to a simple majority, needed to pass a range of different land-use issues in cities and towns. Baker’s goal: to spur more housing construction. This version also includes language from the Senate requiring all municipalities served by the MBTA to have at least one district where multifamily housing suitable for families with children is permitted. The bill also includes some tenant protections, such as a local option giving tenants the right of first refusal to buy their home, but inevitably not all the changes some advocates wanted. And there is money, too, such as $50 million in bond authorizations for transit-oriented housing and $10 million for climate-resilient construction.”

For a further breakdown on the stimulus bill, including how it will aid small businesses, restaurants, tourism, arts and culture, college students, and rural communities, go to

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