Report: Boston is one of the least affordable cities for singles

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Boston is one of the least affordable cities, according to a recent report by RentHop. Adobe Stock

Being single in the city can be trying. Pestering from relatives at family holiday parties aside, finding an affordable apartment for one can seem impossible, especially in Boston, which was ranked the fifth-least east affordable city for singles in RentHop’s 2021 Singles Index, released last week. 

According to the report, the median cost of a studio apartment in the city is $2,250, a whopping 21.6 percent increase from last year and the biggest jump of any city analyzed in the report.


A running list of the cost to rent in Greater Boston

Interactive map: Here’s where you can apply for rental aid in Eastern Mass.

The report looked at the cost of renting a studio apartment in the 50 most populous cities in the United States, as well the average income for a single earner in each to determine the rankings. 

Although rents in Boston are the third highest in the nation (behind only New York and San Francisco), the city does have the fifth-highest average singles income, $87,656 a year. 

The report named these the least affordable cities for singles and noted the median price for a studio apartment: 

  • Miami: $1,800
  • New York City: $2,450
  • New Orleans: $1,269
  • Raleigh, N.C.: $1,691

And these the five most affordable: 

  • Wichita, Kan.: $500
  • Columbus, Ohio: $625
  • Albuquerque: $700
  • Oklahoma City: $723
  • Tulsa, Okla.: $695

The report looked at census data to determine the average income, as well as information from its own database to calculate the median cost of a studio apartment in each city.

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