Study: One-third of apartment hunters living in Boston want to leave

Renting Boston
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It’s close, but according to Apartment List, more renters are trying to move to Greater Boston than out.

The renting platform updated its 2019 Renter Migration report on Jan. 22, and its data suggest that 33.4 percent of apartment hunters living in the Boston area are looking to move elsewhere.

The majority of people looking to move here hail from New York (20 percent), Bridgeport, Conn. (10.5 percent), and Worcester (4.6 percent). Compared with the other 24 largest metros in the nation, Boston is the sixth largest draw for renters moving from outside the area (37.9 percent). Denver pulls in the most (48 percent), while Detroit attracts the least (18 percent).

Meanwhile, the third of apartment hunters in Boston looking to leave aren’t trying to go far. Most of them are hunting for homes in New England, mainly in Providence (17.4 percent); Hartford (7.5 percent); and Manchester, N.H. (5.9 percent). Boston ranks 11th out of the nation’s 25 largest metros in which renters are looking to leave. Orlando, Fla. is at the top (50 percent), while San Diego is at the bottom (21 percent).

Apartment List based its results on searches of registered and unregistered users between June 1 and Dec. 31, 2019. Registered users were uniquely identified, but unregistered users who performed multiple searches may have been counted more than once. The site determined a user’s current place of residence by the IP address, and if a user searched in multiple locations, Apartment List considered the initial search the primary location. The results were based on the census definitions of metropolitan statistical areas.

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