By Design: Calming Cape Cod blues find a home in Key Largo

. —Beebe Parker Interiors

West Newbury-based design firm Beebe Parker Interiors devised this Key Largo, Fla., dining room for Boston clients who summer on the Cape and winter in Florida. That the space would be done in shades of blue was established upfront. “The client loves blue, [plus] it’s calming and natural,” principal designer Courtney Whitaker explained. The team started with the rug, from which they pulled a soft shade of blue for the textural wallcovering. Simple coordinated drapery and paint complete the effect. As for the dark wood credenza, Whitaker said: “We are often asked to pair clients’ existing pieces in updated spaces. This shows how the combination of contrasting styles can work.”

Marni Elyse Katz asked Whitaker how the room came together:

Art This dining space overlooks the neighborhood canals, so we thought it would be fun to bring a bit of the client’s summer house on Cape Cod to her winter home on the Florida Keys. Artist Alison Junda who lives and works on the coast does commissions; we also love her wave prints. (From $30 at

Chairs Being big entertainers ourselves, we love a comfortable chair that is both light and at least partially upholstered. This design offers fully upholstered comfort but is absolutely open and airy. ($499 each at

Chandelier This cluster of globe lights casts a whimsical shadow in the room, and the blue leather-wrapped cords are an unexpected detail that distinguishes this fixture and ties it to the overall color palette. (From $5,900 at

Credenza We like the juxtaposition of this more traditional and sophisticated sideboard with the contemporary and modern lines of the table and chairs. The contrasting wood tones insert another layer of warmth. (From $2,496 at

Paint We matched the color for the baseboard, crown molding, trim, and wainscoting to the wallcovering and drapery as the finishing touch for our monochromatic approach for the room’s vertical surfaces. (From $110 a gallon at

Rug This rug pulls together many shades of blue and adds a hint of the traditional under the modern dining table and chairs. It also grounds the space. (From $60 at

Sconces The simple silhouette of these skinny brass sconces, which are topped with classic shades, provides a timeless look that pairs perfectly with any artwork. ($205 at

Table We love the practicality of a wood dining table with an oiled finish for longevity, especially in a space that is used often for gathering. We can’t wait to entertain again, and don’t want to have to worry about scratches! ($4,949 at

Wallcovering Woven hemp wall covering adds texture to the monochromatic space preventing it from feeling flat. ($32.25 a yard at

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