Homes with these amenities may sell for more than expected

The ocean-themed master bath has a a large multiheaded steam shower with a pebblestone floor. There are also heated floors in the rest of the bathroom.
This ocean-themed master bath has a multiheaded steam shower with a pebblestone floor. The bath also has flooring with radiant heat. Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

Trying to sell you home? Having the words “steam shower” in your listing may help you clean up. analyzed 100 listing terms to see how these words could affect the sale price and how long a property sits on the market. After looking at 3.6 million sales between 2016 and 2017, Zillow discovered that listings with the words “steam shower” or “professional appliance” earned sellers 29 percent more than the expected value of the home compared with listings that didn’t use these terms.

Other home features that proved lucrative were “pizza oven” (26 percent); “pet shower,” “outdoor kitchen,” and “prep sink” (all 25 percent); and heated/radiant floors (24 percent).

But not every home has these top-tier features, and buyers at different price points are looking for different things. Among those homes priced in the bottom third, the term “solar panel” was the big earner, netting sellers an additional 40 percent, according to Zillow. In the mid-range, “shed/garage studio” was the biggest draw (24 percent).

Lastly, Zillow also looked at which phrases helped a property sell faster. Listings that had the phrase  “exposed brick” sold a full two weeks earier than homes that did not. “Open shelving,” “mid-century,” and “subway tile” helped shorten the time on the market by more than 10 days, according to Zillow.

“While everyone has different style preferences, when it’s time to sell, being specific and strategic with your home’s listing description can have a big financial payoff,” Jeremy Wacksman, Zillow’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “Homes with spa-inspired bathrooms, chef-like kitchen amenities, and certain craftsman or farmhouse features are very popular among today’s buyers. If you have these features in your home, try to highlight them in listing photos and descriptions.”

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