Twitter roasts pricey listing for two South End parking spaces

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“You could buy a mansion in Tulsa instead of this if you wanted to,” on Twitter user wrote. Adobe Stock

At $225,000, the property at 1313 Washington St. in Boston’s South End was classified as a “Rare Find” by “This home is $774k less than most homes in South End — Tour it before it’s gone!” the listing site said on Wednesday. On Thursday, that description was gone.

Anyone hoping to find a stunningly cheap hidden gem on such a tour is likely to leave disappointed, however. The listing is not for a home or apartment, but for two tandem parking spaces on the upper level of the Wilkes Passage Garage. 

“Me looking at Boston real estate: oh yeah, here’s an affordable place near Longwood! After clicking: oop, nope, it’s a parking spot, nvm,” Twitter user @GrumpyinBoston posted.

Social media was abuzz over the listing after it was featured on the popular TikTok account @zillowgonewild, which spotlights some of the most unique listings the real estate site has to offer. 

“What’s going on in Boston these days? Why is this so expensive?” Samir Mezrahi, the account owner, says in the video, which had garnered 5,218 views as of Thursday afternoon. “You could buy a mansion in Tulsa instead of this if you wanted to.”

According to the video, the price tag went up $45,000 on Oct. 20. The now-$225,000 listing does not include the monthly $178 homeowners association fee, to the dismay of some who saw the listing posted on Twitter. 

“$170 for an HOA? an HOA for a parking lot???” Twitter user @ruinousHero commented.

Some were unsurprised, however, noting the tandem space was not the most expensive the city has seen. 

“Personally, I think it’s thrilling that parking spots in Boston have come down so much in price since 2013. This is a BUY,” tweeted Amanda Katz, @katzish, linking to a Globe article on a tandem parking space in Back Bay that went for $560,000 in 2013. The spaces are not the most expensive the South End has seen this year. In September, a heated spot at 201 West Brookline St. hit the market for $375,000. It sold for $335,000 45 days later.

“Can’t we just go back to the days where we used lawn chairs to claim our spots?”@AllieStormborn Tweeted.

Located in the garage below the Wilkes Passage Condominium complex, a mid-rise luxury condo building, the space has enough room for two vehicles, according to the listing. The price to park at Wilkes Passage has jumped since 2015, when it was $70,000 for a space, plus a $55 monthly fee, according to Boston Magazine

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