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You may be working at home for a while. Take advantage of this time by sprucing up your office decor. You won’t even need to hire a decorator. Boston-based designer Trevor Fulmer offers up four schemes as a guide to reimagining your space. “If I can’t leave the house, I’ll find ways to transform it,” Fulmer said. Let him show you how.

Fulmer started with a vintage glass-topped chrome desk paired with a black swivel chair, along with Room & Board’s Seville lounge chair. The backdrop? A paneled wall in his dining room. For inspiration, the designer turned to past experiences, present circumstances, future dreams — and PhotoShop.

Avant Garde Artist

. —Trevor Fulmer

Fulmer reminisced about his art school persona for this scheme. During that time, he said, “I pushed creative boundaries and made bold choices with my work.” The inclination extended to his hair too. “I had a red mohawk!” he said, laughing. The idea here is to pack a colorful punch with color. While blue is a classic color, this particular shade, Farrow & Ball’s “St Giles Blue,” really pops. Hypnotic artwork is meant to mesmerize, and rounded paperclip-like pendants add softness. The chair’s orange leather upholstery provides an additional punch. “Often a room has just one standout, but not here,” Fulmer said. “The palette is almost based off the shoes.”

Sources: Paint | Pendant lights| Jacks, ball, and block sculptures | 3-D printed Strandbeest | Cowhide | Graphite hand | 50th Anniversary shoes | Art

California Dreamer

. —Trevor Fulmer

This space was inspired by plants; fresh, healthy, green plants. Fulmer said, “The day I photographed this, I kept adding more and more.” Color cues come from the small but mighty red surfboard in Jeremy Bishop’s photograph. “The color palette evokes a feeling of calm, while pops of red give energy and pay homage to California’s bold sunsets,” Fulmer said. The seagrass rug adds beachy texture and another organic element. The West Coast concept itself grew out of the designer’s hunch that someday he may join family in California.

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World Wanderer

. —Trevor Fulmer

It’s hard not to reminisce about our travels right now. This curated, global scheme with one-of-a-kind souvenirs draws on Fulmer’s journeys to different parts of the world. He said, “I like to bring back small memorabilia like a wooden bowl, a book, or artwork.” The designer combines natural woven fibers — African Binga baskets hang against the pale lavender wall — with vintage textiles to make the space feel richly layered and timeless. Moments of citron make it even cozier. As for the vintage poster, Fulmer said, “I wasn’t finding the right travel poster, then I heard my husband speaking French, so I looked up French ones.”

Sources: Paint, “Oxford Stone” | Drink table | Horn | Bone-inlay balls | Binga baskets | Footstool | Books | France travel poster

Trophy Collector

. —Trevor Fulmer

Fulmer’s teen hobby as an equestrian informed his current obsession for vintage trophies. “My aunt is an avid thrifter,” he said. “I told her to buy any trophies she finds, and I would reimburse her.” The mural, which informs the earthy color palette, takes cues from classic Southern mansions. Fulmer said, “The molding frames the scene, like a window.” To create dimension, he layered framed photos atop. Circular wall sconces and the mid-century modern chair balance the otherwise traditional room.

Sources: Paint, “Pavilion Gray” | Sconces | Floor lamp | Cowhide rug | Mural Richard Stone Reeves | Briefcase | Photo Kirsten Lachance

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