Cambridge neighborhoods saw rent prices increase the most last year

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Harvard Square saw the highest increase in rents for 2015.
Harvard Square saw the highest increase in rents for 2015. Craig F. Walker / Globe Staff

Cambridge has arrived, and it’s not going anywhere.

In a recent report about price changes in one-bedroom apartments from December 2014 to December 2015, real estate site Zumper found that Cambridge neighborhoods along the Charles saw rent increases close to four times the city’s average.

Harvard Square’s rents increased 16.8 percent and those in MIT/Kendall increased 16.2 percent.

“A lot of areas around the water in Cambridge have a high demand,’’ Devin O’Brien, head of strategic marketing at Zumper, told “A little of this has to do with new construction [in Cambridge]. If an area has a new luxury construction, that can bump up the total average of the area as a whole.’’

Cambridge saw a variety of new luxury developments along the water this year, such as Twenty|20 and The Zinc, both in East Cambridge.

Some of the Cambridge neighborhoods with fast-growing rents are also among the most purely expensive areas of the Boston metro. The median one-bedroom rent in MIT/Kendall, for example, is $3,510, beating out even Downtown Boston.

High-end areas in Boston might not appear on the fastest-rising-rents list, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheap. Rents in Back Bay only rose 1.1 percent, but that’s still enough for a median one-bedroom price of $2,800.

Other notoriously expensive neighborhoods, however, actually saw a decrease in rent prices. In the North End, prices fell 2.7 percent to a median of $2,500.

’’It could be that rents were higher than they should have been in the last year,’’ O’Brien said. “It’s not to say these neighborhoods aren’t more expensive than [other neighborhoods]. They were overpriced in the past.’’

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