This Boston ZIP code is the priciest place to rent in the nation, study says

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Q: How much money is needed up front to rent the apartment?A: It could potentially include first month, last month, and a half month of rent. Up front move in costs can be confusing. It is important to know the amount of the security deposit required for the apartment as well as any additional payments that will be needed before signing the lease. Every property and landlord are different: some may require first and last month’s rent in addition to a security deposit while others may only ask for a security deposit equal to half month’s rent.
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A new study suggests that renting in this Boston ZIP code will cost you more than any other place in the county.

Boston’s 02215 ZIP code is the priciest in the nation, according to Apartment Guide, which calculated the average rent of its listings and those at for October. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in that ZIP code is $5,035, the company said. The 02215 area is part of the Back Bay and Fenway-Kenmore neighborhoods. The 02127 ZIP code, which is in South Boston, came in as the 18th most expensive place in the country for renters, with a monthly average of $2,733. (In June, estimated the average rent for a one-bedroom in Boston — not just within a particular ZIP code — was $2,420.) A spokesperson from Apartment Guide said the average cost of a one-bedroom in Boston jumped 11 percent from last year.

The top 10 ZIP codes on the list were in Philadelphia; Playa Vista, Calif.; San Jose; Miami; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Jersey City; Los Angeles; Bellevue, Wash.; and Marina Del Rey, Calif.

Of the top 100 most expensive ZIP codes, five were in Massachusetts:

  • 1: Boston, 02215 ($5,035 for a one-bedroom)
  • 15: Needham, 02494 ($2,844)
  • 18: Boston, 02127 ($2,733)
  • 24: Waltham, 02451 ($2,529)
  • 45: Quincy, 02169 ($2,212)

Other New England locales that made the list:

  • 36: Derry, N.H., 03038 ($2,346)
  • 48: Stamford, Conn., 06902 ($2,153)
  • 55: Milford, Conn., 06460 ($2,072)

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